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About Elif Notes

Welcome to Elif Notes, your essential guide to English literature. 

Founded by a Gold Medalist in English literature, Elif Notes is a free education website for everyone who needs speedy, efficient, and productive learning. We provide a wide range of high quality study notes and revision resources to help you in your understanding of classic as well as modern English literature. We foster all enthusiastic learners and avid readers of English literature by providing well-researched and premium content that assists them in reading any literary work, doing homework or assignments, revising exam topics, and getting good grades! 

What will you find at Elif Notes?

If you’re a student, teacher or just an avid reader hoping to delve into literature, then Elif Notes is the right place for you!

We aim at accelerating the understanding of any piece of literature (prose, drama, novel, play, criticism etc.) and easing the stress of the learning environment. At Elif Notes, you can find well-researched literature notes and resources, biographies, book summaries, book reviews, and blog posts capturing many facets of the literary world.

All the published notes and resources on Elif Notes are designed to familiarize you with English literature by using strategies that enhance your understanding, learning and revision. By introducing our readers to new and unique methods of encountering and reflecting on literary topics, we aim to empower them with the knowledge to revolutionize the world!

Note: We are still upgrading Elif Notes and adding new literature resources! So please excuse us at the moment if you don’t find your required content here, and make sure to check back later! 

What is the Purpose of Elif Notes?

Also let us clear that our sole purpose behind the provision of literature notes and resources is to extend the readers’ understanding and appreciation of literature, not to blunt their creative skills or intellectual thinking. 

As a responsible researcher and student, it is mandatory for you to credit the source of your research in order to avoid plagiarism (to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own and use them without crediting the source). Otherwise you will be charged with committing a literary theft. You can avoid plagiarism by citing Elif Notes or by adding your own ideas to our analyses thus drawing innovative conclusions.  

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How to get in touch with Elif Notes?

If you have any query or would like to let us know that you’ve found this website useful, you can get in touch through feedback form or at contact.elifnotes@gmailcom